AMMA at ParkZoo 2021


The results of the most anticipated event in the pet industry.

Text: Eugenia Zolotar

The 10th edition of ParkZoo pet industry exhibition is over. After a long break during the pandemic, it has become a truly long-awaited event for the entire pet industry community. ParkZoo celebrated its 10th anniversary with moving to a new modern venue. The exhibition hosted more than 180 exhibitors and about 10.000 professional visitors in a spacious hall of Crocus Expo exhibition center.

Following the good tradition, at a united booth of Triol Pet Business Entrepreneur Association visitors could see the results of fruitful work of two trading companies – AMMA and ContinentZOO. The companies welcomed friends and partners, their consultants presented each new product in detail and offered profitable promotions to its customers.

This year, AMMA has prepared many interesting novelties for ParkZoo guests in different product categories.

Novelties of the year

Natural TRIOL PLANET FOOD dog treats, produced of meat and by-products of animals, bred in Mongolia and Tibet, aroused great interest.

Professional OUTDOOR line dog clothing; NATURAL series of new scratching posts for cats made of natural materials; Geyser easy-to-maintain drinking fountain attracted a lot of guests’ attention as well as very special newcomers of the NEW YEAR limited collection.

For DISNEY characters fans AMMA company presented Lilo and Stitch and Winnie and Friends demi-season jumpsuits in the FUN style series. A large collection of gentle pink colored goods with a kitten Marie based on The Aristocats cartoon was of great interest. For fans of the legendary Marvel Universe, the AMMA company presented new bowls, dish mats, beds and toys featuring the iconic MARVEL superheroes.

CAT STEP brand has made a splash with its amazing novelty in the collection. It is a CAT STEP Artic Neon silica gel cat litter that glows in the dark. The granules of the cat litter are ‘charging’ from direct sunlight or an artificial light, and then the real magic begins: when the light is off, the granules ‘give off their charge’ with a mystical neon glimmer. This amazing effect perfectly complements the excellent absorbency of the classic CAT STEP Arctic silica gel litters. At ParZoo everyone could test a unique new product at the AMMA’s booth in the intriguing “dark room”, and the crowd interested had to queue at peak hours. Guests were excited and were actively pre-ordering – that was the proof of success of a newcomer.

CAT STEP silica gel cat litter

Domestically manufactured Gamma trade mark goods attracted a lot of attention with new collections of beds and houses in a miniature format – mini-copies of new products specially produced for ParkZoo presentation have already become a good tradition and the brand’s business card. The guests of the ParkZoo exhibition were enthusiastically examining the soft and cozy novelties of the Russian trade mark. A varied palette of colors, an abundance of configurations, a skillful combination of various materials, as well as reliability and functionality in use – are the main advantages of Gamma beds and houses. Visitors especially liked the charming models made of plush fabric with incredibly attractive emotional decor – ears and tails of various сute animals.

Gamma beds houses

The brand’s display also showed an impressive palette of high-quality modern plastic samples, which the brand actively uses for the production of cat toilets, scoops and bowls. Having its own sewing factory and a powerful production of plastic products, the Gamma brand regularly launches new functional products with aithentic self designed prints on unique molds and patterns. At the same time, Gamma products are have an optimal price and quality ratio.

Aqua and terra

The renewed LAGUNA Aqua brand presented high-powerinternal filters, a wide range of air pumps, as well as low-noise, energy-efficient and at the same time stylish aquarium equipment in new LAGUNA Aqua Iceberg series.
Now independent LAGUNA Terra brand demonstrated a wide assortment of UV lamps and heating lamps for reptiles and a series of terrarium substrates.

pet industry

REPTI-ZOO brand, widely known among exotic pet keepers, intrigued with a progressive novelty in the equipment category – the programmable rainfall system that allows to adjust the terrarium humidity by time, frequency of spraying and volume of water supplied. The brand also showed high-tech lightning domes for simultaneous use of two lamps.

ParkZoo 2021 worked well for the per industry. Again the exhibition has gone beyond a business event and has become a real feast for all participants and guests. It was a bright, emotional and a productive event. AMMA company sincerely thanks everyone who joined it on these eventful and fruitful days.

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