AMMA PET at ParkZoo-2022: bright results of the largest pet industry exhibition

AmmAMMA PET at ParkZoo-2022: bright results of the largest pet industry exhibition

The 11th industry exhibition ParkZoo-2022 has ended. This exhibition was a breath of fresh air for the pet industry community to the contrary of world’s economic upheavals and the alarming political situation. This year more than 10 thousand industry professionals got together at the specialized pet business event.

A united booth of the Triol Association of Pet Business Entrepreneurs traditionally presented the results of fruitful work of the trading companies to visitors. AMMA PET hospitably greeted friends and partners at the booth in a loft & rock style, the company team presented each new product in detail and offered profitable promos for existing customers.

This year AMMA PET company prepared a lot of interesting novelties in various product categories for ParkZoo guests.

Novelties of the year

CAT STEP brand made a vivid impression with its novelty in the collection of vegetal cat litters. CAT STEP Olive Original clumping vegetal cat litter is a truly unique product. The granules of this litter are produced of crushed and specially processed olive seeds. They have no sharp edges, are tactilely pleasant to pets and are perceived by cats as a natural and comfortable ground. Due to natural olive oil structure, the cat litter granules additionally moisturize the delicate skin of the cat’s paws and prevent the appearance of irritation and microcracks, which is especially important for cats prone to dermatological problems. CAT STEP Olive Original combines all the best properties of litters: it quickly forms tight clumps, perfectly blocks odors and doesn’t make dust.

Hot Dog, Toffee and Sherbet, the new dog treats from TRIOL FUN FOOD collection, were a real sensation. Realistic forms of the treats create pet parents’ positive mood, and the original recipe provides a unique combination of taste and benefits to pets. TRIOL booth visitors appreciated one more appetizing novelty from TRIOL brand – Chhurpi cheese stick – a nutritional dog treat made on a mountain yak milk basis. Chhurpi has a rich taste and is a valuable source of calcium, useful for strengthening teeth and bones. TRIOL PLANET FOOD original collection of natural dog treats made of venison, which takes dogs on a real gastronomic tour, was also highly appreciated by the audience. The guests of the exhibition noted not only the creative idea and the quality of the product itself, but also the stylish matte packaging.

The company’s booth also featured a new series of TRIOL interior bowls. The bowls are originally designed within the latest interior style trends. The entire collection is made of stainless steel, with some models covered with edible copper, while others are covered with enamel and painted manually exclusively for TRIOL brand.

The HORROR collection, an original line of themed cat and dog toys in the form of charming monsters, deserves special attention in TRIOL’s range of new products. Toys will fit every home interior on Halloween and are the perfect accessory for a creative “monster” photo shoot.

Triol NEW YEAR 2023 collection also received high marks. Stylish sweaters, fashionable dresses and cozy socks will help create a bright festive pet’s image. Bowls and mats with themed prints will give the pet dining area a festive look and complement the New Year design of every home. Cat and dog toys will be a great gift and a real symbol of the upcoming holiday.

Portfolio expansion

Separate area at the AMMA PET booth was dedicated to GiGwi and JOYSER brands’ range.

Highlights of GiGwi exposition were:

– POP-PALS dog ball made of a revolutionary material used in professional athletic shoes manufacture;
– durable BULB RUBBER toys for dogs, designed specifically for “chewers”;
– charming SUPPA PUPPA toy collection for puppies and small dogs,
– and a bright collection of TROPICANA: each toy of the series is a modern combination of super strong plush and TPR-rubber with built-in squeakers.

A great interest was aroused by JOYSER brand’s creative image, innovative approach and latest technologies. Among the favorites are JOYSER Slimmy line – a toy series imitating animal skins.
Toys of this collection are made of different materials, but there is no stuffing in them. All toys have built-in squeakers. Fox skin toy made of durable TPR-rubber has a tennis ball with a squeaker inside and can be replaced with a new one over time.

JOYSER Motion – a special series of cat toys with built-in sound chips or LED lighting for nighttime play – was also presented at the company’s booth. The toys respond to a paw’s light touch and imitate nature sounds of animals and birds, which awaken cats’ hunting instinct.

The guests were also impressed by the line of JOYSER Mood Harness. This original series of harnesses is designed so that you can change the style of your dog as desired. Simply unbutton the apron, or replace it with a chevron in another design that can be quickly and easily attached to the buttons. The Customized-Shirt aprons are available in a wide range and can be purchased separately.

Aqua and Terra

This year AMMA PET presented aquaria and terraria goods at a designated booth. Functional equipment and accessories of Laguna AQUA, Laguna TERRA and REPTI-ZOO brands were presented as clearly as possible.

Laguna AQUA brand presented a stylish aquarium line made of high quality tinted glass that are perfect for both fresh and salt water. Special glass prevents blue-green algae growth in aquarium water, and the touch light creates the illusion of the sea depth. The guests of Laguna AQUA exposition also appreciated the trendy Botanic aquarium with built-in pots for plants and authentic decorations of the Vintage series.

LAGUNA Terra brand introduced a variety of caves for reptiles, mats and backgrounds for terrariums made of coconut fiber as well as always relevant double-sided mats of nonwoven material.

REPTI-ZOO, a renowned brand among terrarium keepers, presented a novelty – heating mat with a protective cover to keep reptiles warm and prevent their cooling or burning. Such mat can be placed both outside and inside the terrarium and easy to control electronic thermostat automatically keeps the required temperature.

ParkZoo 2022 pet trade exhibition once again brought together thousands pet industry people and gave its guests and exhibitors sincere emotions, live communication and useful contacts. AMMA PET company team sincerely thanks everyone who was visited the company booth on those busy and productive days, and is looking forward to the next year ParkZoo-2023!

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