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Apicenna is a modern advanced enterprise, with a successful track record since 1991. It has been designing all its products to protect animals’ health and beauty.

A pet’s appearance reflects its health status; therefore, we have been putting a special emphasis on cosmetic products for pet care: Apicenna product ranges are designed for fast elimination of all imperfections.

Moreover, we offer treats to support good spirit and vibes of pets and their owners.

Alexander Smirnov Apicenna Anastasiya Pokryshkina Apicenna
Alexander Smirnov, co-owner Anastasiya Pokryshkina, co-owner

Apicenna is producing:

  • pet hygiene and cosmetic products;
  • feed supplements and treats;
  • veterinary pharmaceuticals;
  • disinfection and disinsection products for various purposes.

Proper pet grooming

Crystal Line
This product line comprises high quality care shampoos, conditioners and grooming sprays, which can be used in combination or individually. The line includes protective paw wax, a relevant product for cold weather. The following pet hygiene care products are available: eye and ear area cleaning lotions, refreshing gel and spray for oral cavity health.

Crystal Line hygiene products provide comprehensive pet grooming. All products contain hypoallergenic ingredients. Combining good effects of hyaluronic acid, herbal extracts and natural oils, these products protect and improve pets’ natural beauty.


Rosinka eye lotion, Rosinka ear lotion
These products are good for regular treatment of eyes and ears. Rosinka lotion reduces tear strains visibility and prevents their further development around eyes. Rosinka ear lotion provides delicate pet ear care. Bottle volume: 30 ml.

Zubastik, regular oral cavity care
Individual approach for every pet — a gel or a spray are a subject to choose the most convenient and preferable form for owners and their four-legged friends. Zubastik safeguards pets’ healthy teeth, gums and fresh breath. Bottle volume: 30 ml.

Skin and coat care
Crystal Line shampoos are essential products to clean a pet’s skin and hair and to prevent matting. Sprays with antistatic effect improve hair combing. And if a pet just needs a partial wash, i.e., when its paws are dirty after walking, we are happy to offer a special pet shampoo. The protective paw wax will help a pet stay unharmed when exposed to reagents and cold. Bottle volumes: 200 ml (shampoos), 110 ml (sprays), 90 g (wax).

Apicenna pet care

Royal Groom product range guarantees professional care at home
Royal Groom provides high quality individual care for pets with different hair types and length: options are available for pets having long, short or coarse hair, and also for those without hair. For customers’ convenience, the products are offered by breed for cats and dogs, which makes an appropriate choice easier. Premium grooming sprays help improve hair quality and remove static. If cleaning a pet without water needed, there is such an express spray available. The protective paw wax is packed in sticks, which make it easy to apply wax on pets. Bottle volume: shampoos, conditioners and sprays: 200 ml, wax: 70 g.

Apicenna russiaSchwanz
The bright Schwanz line offers funny and useful treats for dogs. The range includes unique beer drink and snacks (dried lungs, tripe, trachea). These snacks provide an additional source of nutrients and are made from high quality raw materials with no preservatives, cancerogens and GMOs. Schwanz treats are a perfect way to indulge a pet! Volumes: beer drink: 0.33 l; snacks: 50 g cans.

Chateau Dog
A special pet treat and an extra nutrient source. Chateau Dog is a perfect goodie to celebrate a special occasion, which will bring lots of pleasant vibes! Volume: 375 ml.

Russia, Moscow region,
Balashikha town, Poltevskoye highway, estate 4
Phone/fax: +7 (495) 580 7713
E-mail: [email protected]

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