Goldfish: Pet business is more resilient than other industries

Zooinform interviewed Nina Gogunts, the owner and the CEO of the Zolotaya Rybka (‘Goldfish’) company, about the current situation in sales, salesforce motivation in these difficult times, and about her expectations for future developments. Today, Zolotaya Rybka (literally translated as ‘Goldfish’) business involves manufacturing, wholesale and retail with 32 pet stores in Saint Petersburg.

– Nina, how is business? What is going on with sales?
Business is according to the situation. Let’s start with the wholesale. The volumes of our nationwide sales have dropped by 70%. Retail sales fell by 30% over the past week. There was a big spike in activity on Friday, March 27th: the consumers were afraid that pet stores would be shut down, so they went stockpiling. The stores were open until the last customer was served. The revenue was on par with the New Year season. In early April, the volume of purchases decreased, and there were two reasons for that. The first, people were less likely to leave their homes and visit stores in general, and the second, their disposable income decreased sharply. Currently, the pet stores sell mostly food. Nobody buys doghouses and fancy beds. more

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