ParkZoo 2020 welcomes the world pet industry in Russia


Text: Yulia Dolzhenkova

ParkZoo International Pet Industry Exhibition is in full-swing with preparing to welcome more than 12,000 professionals in Moscow on September, 9th to 11th at the probably most important trade fair in Europe in 2020.

Natalia Morgunova

Autumn 2020 seems to be far enough ahead for the world to come back to a relatively normal life. Nobody knows for sure though. At the moment, the 10th edition of ParkZoo fair is going to take place in September 2020 as planned. Natalia Morgunova, Director of the fair, is still concerned about the location. “In early May Sokolniki Exhibition Centre which hosts ParkZoo every year was urgently being rebuilt for COVID-19 patients as a hospital. It’s still a question how long this emergency location will stay. That’s why we decided to look for other optional locations for our prestigious venture. We are preparing B and C plans and will keep the pet industry regularly updated”. In assurance she states: “So far we have about 10% of cancellations from clients who had previously booked, but we also have some new clients who have just applied. Nobody knows when borders will open and flights will resume but our team is ready to adjust to different scenarios.

ParkZoo has always been the largest ‘gate-way’ to the Russian pet market for international companies and hopefully we can achieve that also in Corona year”.

ParkZoo 2019 hosted 275 companies (+10% vs 2018) in seven exhibition halls. Just over 14% of exhibitors were presenting 14 foreign countries: Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, China, Sri-Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

In 2019 ParkZoo welcomed 12,000 professional visitors. The geographic profile of these visitors is impressive: Russian guests came from 80 regions of all federal districts and international guests travelled to ParkZoo from 50 countries. More than 60% of visitors were either company owners or C-level managers.

Corine van Winden.

“Not only in numbers but also visiting the fair in person allows an excellent view of a lively market with significant growth potential, – Corine van Winden, the CEO of GlobalPETS Community, shared her impression, – beside the impressive international pavilion, actually a full hall, also the Russian exhibitors are presenting themselves on an excellent level of professionality. The atmosphere transports a market which is ready for a next leap of development. For international companies ParkZoo has to represent a serious consideration if the Russian market is a market to export to. On the other hand there are several top level Russian manufacturers preparing to export their products to the EU, Africa and Asia”.

At ParkZoo international visitors have the opportunity to meet major players and decision makers, to present their products and innovations and to commence fruitful long term cooperations, as well as learning more about the Russian pet market at the presentations tailored especially to an international audience.

You’re welcome to visit or exhibit at ParkZoo 2020, please contact the organizer for further details:

Phone: +7 495 729 7096
E-mail: [email protected]

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