‘Beru’ marketplace reports high demand in pet products

One of the largest Russian e-com players ‘Beru’ has analyzed customer demand of the past two months and compared the result of April and May with those of February and March.

Along with the goods for working and studying from home, for healthy lifestyle and entertainments (i.e. board games), pet products were in high demand.

Sales of rodent accessories grew by 238%, cages and homes for these animals showed +211% sales increase.

Aquaria and terraria products sales went up by 135% with aquaria decoration sales rise by 337%.

As grooming salons were shut down in many regions of the country and pet owners were forced to take care of their pets’ coat themselves, the marketplace doubled its sales of care products (shampoos and soaps, etc.) and instruments (scissors, clips, etc.).

Unpredictably, harnesses and collars for cats became more popular and their sales doubled as well. That increase might be triggered by cat owners’ wish to have a legal reason to go outside, as some regions still have restrictions which do not apply to walking pets though.

Illustration by freepik.com

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