Best Russian Dog Gala-Dinner will take place in Moscow

On February 8, 2021, the fourth annual gala dinner will be held in the Tchaikovsky hall of the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow in honor of the winners in the Best Russian Dog rating in 2020. These are best dogs, breeders and handlers in Russia, as well as winners in social categories, cynologists and their four-legged assistants who are on civil services.

The Best Russian Dog rating is formed taking into account the titles received at international dog shows held in Russia and at the four largest world championships held in the countries – sections of the International Canine Federation (FCI).

Despite restrictions on mass events and cancellation of major international shows, more than 50 of them were held in 2020 as zootechnical events, which are allowed. They enabled to determine the winners in 15 rating categories.

The winners in the following nominates will be announced at the Gala-dinner:

    • Best Junior Dog;
    • Best in Show Dog;
    • Best Breeder;
    • Best Handler;
    • Best Handler-Owner;
    • best dogs in 10 breed groups.

The social part of the ceremony will be dedicated to dogs who help people, and community leaders who help animals. The nominees will include veterinarians, social projects, guide dogs, therapy dogs, socially responsible companies and shelters for homeless animals.

Since 2019, breeders engaged in service dog breeding and their pets has been honored the gala dinner as well. Distinguished employees of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Federal Customs Service of Russia and other authorities will be awarded by officers and veterans of Russia.

The mission of the Best Russian Dog project is to promote the culture of purebred breeding and responsible dog keeping.

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