The Bethowen retail chain is a modern cross channel retailer offering it’s customers services and products any time, any place and any how.

Bethowen is fully focused on creating the best possible environment for pet parents and their pets and on taking care of their needs for the full life cycle of the pet.

George Chkareuli, the CEO

The company’s products encompass the full range of pet food and accessories for all pets. Private label products in many categories: food, treats, litter and accessories, give customers the opportunity to choose high-quality items at very competitive prices. Market research shows that Bethowen has the highest levels of brand awareness and customer commitment in Moscow among all specialized and grocery retailers of pet products.

Bethowen’s large online store provides delivery throughout Russia, as well as in-store pick-up of all on-line orders.

The company is rapidly developing its own ecosystem and is forming new partnerships with leading retailers. Today Bethowen has joint projects with X5 supermarkets, Tvoy Dom retail chain, Doctor Stoletov pharmacies, the Goods and Beru online marketplaces.

A brand new store in Columbus Mall in Moscow

Bethowen is actively developing franchising. There are three types of Bethowen franchises — direct, conversion and investment. Currently franchise stores are successfully operating in St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Sarov and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Bethowen provides full support to its franchisees to enable them to operate professional, full scope pet stores.

Bethowen is open to mutually beneficial cooperations with all market players, as well as animal breeders and veterinary clinics.

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