Demand for cat vitamins is accelerating

According to Zoomonitor, there was a significant growth of online requests for cat vitamins in most Russian cities since the pandemic had started. It records an average growth of 16 – 55% in May-July 2020 to the same period in 2019. Month-to-month growth during this period was 5–9%.

The interest for cat vitamins at the same time period in 2019 was decreasing comparing to the previous year, so we can assume the 2020 growth to be ‘covid-driven’ – people stayed at home and paid more attention to their pets’ health.

The other reason, according to veterinarians is that spring is a breeding period – and during the pandemic the demand for cats was high – so animals needed more vitamin support.

One more reason is that higher temperatures in spring and the beginning of the summer this year in Russia caused stronger moulting with the effect of pet parents looking for solution of the skin problem.

Internet requests for cat vitamins growth

City 2019/2020* May–July**
Moscow 50% 5%
St. Petersburg 35% 0%
Yekaterinburg 41% 9%
Novosibirsk 43% 8%
Nizhny Novgorod 16% 9%
Volgograd 55% 6%
* average growth in May–July 2020 to 2019
** average month-to-month growth in May–July 2020
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