Moscow is becoming more pet-friendly


Mars Petcare, Yandex and Expert and Integral Model Center of Moscow released the results of their survey on the Moscow infrastructure regarding pets. The research responds to the ‘Better Cities For Pets’ project initiated by Mars Petcare.

The research results prove that the infrastructure of Moscow is improving towards better convenience for pet owners and the growing role of cats and dogs in the life of the city.

Almost one third of Moscow’s population brought their dogs to stores, but they would also like to have their companions along while visiting shopping malls or dining out.

There are 700 dog grounds in Moscow city. 18% of property owners who rent out allow pets in their premises. 21% of hotels and 8% of apartments available for short-term rental are pet-friendly. Taxi use together with pets tripled within the past two years.

The most inspiring result of the survey is that 70% of pet shelters find new owners for 30% of their pets every year. 5% of those come back again though.

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