Open letter to international pet industry


Dear friends, colleagues and followers of Zooinform,

In the recent days we’ve talked to major pet industry companies in Russia and on behalf of the whole industry of our country we address to our colleagues and business partners.

Likewise the whole world we are deeply concerned about the current geopolitical situation and we find invasion of Russia to Ukraine unacceptable and inhumane. We express deep sympathy to all Ukrainian people and we wish peace to Ukraine as soon as possible. We hope that dialogue and humanity will prevail in the conflict of those in power.

Many people are suffering both in Ukraine and in Russia. Every forth Russian has relatives in Ukraine. Every second citizen of Russia has friends or business partners there. What is happening at the moment hits all of us. And we all wish for peace as it is the highest good.

We are aware of our country’s responsibility and of the consequences. We realize that apart from other significant consequences of the invasion, as of now Russian business will have to operate under various restrictions from international financial, political institutions and business enterprises.

Our pet business world is small. Many of us are acquainted since many years now. You, our international partners, know what kind of people we are. We have been working together and trusting each other for a long time.

We, pet industry people, are against the invasion to Ukraine, it’s not us who started this aggression. We don’t support it and there is nothing we can do to stop it. What we can do is to keep doing what we can – to voice our disagreement and pray the war stops, to protect our families, to work and bring happiness to this world, to make it a better place for humans and their pets.

Each of us makes his or her own decisions. You are making yours. And we respect any of them. We will appreciate if you choose not to stop pet product supplies to Russia. All 70 million pets in Russia need your products. Pets are not involved in politics, they are not responsible for conflicts or wrong decisions made by somebody else and they should not suffer because of those decisions.

Now when people need more appeasement and solace, they will care for their pets and cherish them even more, and Russia is not an exception. We want to give them this opportunity, with your support. Especially in these terrible times, which we all hope will be over very soon. Let’s stand for peace together!

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