OZON expands in Siberia

One of the major marketplaces in Russia opened a new fulfillment center 30 km from Novosibirsk. The total area of the warehouse is 14.000 sq m (with the expansion capability to 64.000 sq m). The hub can store more than 4 million units of goods and process 85.000+ thousand orders a day. Ozon has invested 600 million rubles (€6,5 mln) in the facility and the company plans to invest almost 3,5 billion rubles (€38 mln) within the next four years.

The new fulfillment center will allow easier access for local sellers to the marketplace. Regional entrepreneurs will be able to deliver goods to the marketplace faster and to cut their logistics expenses. The products from Novosibirsk fulfillment center Ozon will be delivered throughout the country and abroad. Thus, local sellers will have the opportunity to launch federal and global sales.

The fulfillment site near Novosibirsk will enable to deliver goods to 1.500 towns and villages in the Siberian Federal District the very next day. Ozon is also launching branded vending machines and pick-up points chain.

By the end of 2020, the turnover of Ozon in the Siberian Federal District increased by 3.5 times year-on-year. Pet supplies became one of the leaders in sales growth.

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