Pet products are now officially the first essentials in Russia

The government of the Russian Federation included pet goods into the list of necessity goods. This means that pet stores will remain open for the period of coronavirus quarantine in Russia.

This is a great achievement for the industry in the hard times of economic turmoil and extreme uncertainty. Initially the government was not going to assign essential significance to pet goods. But the decision came as a result of a very strong push from industry leaders initiated by Zooinform. An open letter addressing the government, published by Zoonform on March 20th. It was signed and supported by over 50 most significant Russian and international pet industry players, such as the Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (Mars, Nestle, Royal Canin and Aller Petfood are its members), and manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers from all over the country.

Russian Pet Business Union has also played a decisive role in protecting the rights of the pet industry in Russia.

As Russians are actively getting ready to quarantine and self-isolation, grocery stores become fortresses under siege. People are trying to stock up everything that their families might need during the prolonged pandemic. Now they can be sure that the pet industry will be there for them.

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