Retail pet product sales went down by 36% in April

According to data from Evotor*, in April, sales of all small and medium-sized businesses in the country fell by 54% compared to the same period in 2019. The decline in consumer demand began in March when shops lost 10% of their revenue compared to previous year.

The turnover of Russian pet stores in April decreased by 36% (by 11% in March) compared to last year. As for veterinary pharmacies, their turnover dropped by 71% in April and by 19% in March. Veterinary clinics faced a drop of 23% in April, with no registered decline in March.

From March, 30th until May, 10th, 15% of pet stores, 73% of veterinary clinics, and 23% of veterinary pharmacies all over Russia were closed due to COVID-related restrictions.

The lockdown measures in Moscow are even more restrictive than in the rest of the country. This made the sales of small businesses of all industries in Moscow fall by 79% in April compared to previous year.

The revenue of Moscow pet stores in April went down by 63% (23% in March), veterinary pharmacies lost about 62% of the revenue in April and 19% in March), veterinary clinics faced a decrease by 38% in April (there was no registered decline in March).

From March 30th until May 10th, about 70% of pet stores, 68% of veterinary pharmacies, and 23% of veterinary clinics in Moscow (amongst micro, small and mid-sized companies) were closed. Despite the fact that pet products had been included into the list of first-need goods just before the restrictions, many stores in closed shopping malls didn’t work as well as those entities which made their own decision to close down.

*Evotor is an IT-company founded in 2016. Evotor’s key business is smart-terminal integration. The company’s shareholders are Sberbank, QIWI co-founder Andrey Romanenko and ATOL.

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