Rosselkhoznadzor enacts digital document flow with 16 countries


Rosselkhoznadzor, the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (RSN) simplifies rules for livestock farm goods import from several countries to Russia. Digital veterinary reciprocation between Russia and four exporting countries with actualized information systems’ interactions will be essential for the following goods:

  • controlled goods’ full range (New Zealand);
  • food and feed additives, hatchery eggs, live animals, etc. (the Netherlands);
  • pork and pork viscera, fish and fish products, poultry meat and viscera (the Republic of Chille);
  • meat and meat products (Australia).

Currently consignees and their representatives are not obliged to present veterinary document paper originals for the mentioned goods from the stated countries.

In addition, 12 countries from FSIS «Mercury» component named «Uvedomlenia» («Notifications») will be allowed to import animal products without veterinary certificates under the condition of shipping through the prior notice system with a provided digital document copy.

Document originals can be provided to RSN after obtaining the goods in Russia. This measure applies to all the animal origin products from Azerbaijan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Armenia, Serbia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Uzbekistan and Bolivia.

RSN requests consignees in Russia to provide the regulator with the veterinary certificate number and issuance date beforehand in order to accelerate the monitoring and oversight at checkpoints and full customs clearance points.

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