Rosselkhoznadzor restricts pet food supplies from Lithuania and Estonia

As of June 1, 2021, the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance imposes temporary restrictions on the supply of food and food additives from all enterprises of the Republic of Lithuania.

Rosselkhoznadzor (RSN) was not satisfied with the results of the online assessment of Lithuanian enterprises which were allowed supply to Russia. The measures were to confirm the guarantees previously accepted by the Rosselkhoznadzor from the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania on the compliance of Lithuanian enterprises with the requirements of Russia and the EAEU.

The other reason for animal food import restriction was the fact that RSN developed ‘serious questions to the safety control system functioning’ after having studied the documents provided by Lithuanian side. Since 2019, the products of Lithuanian enterprises have not been subjected to laboratory control for the presence of GMOs.

Akvatera, Mars Lietuva and 13 more plants were supplying to Russia before they were banned.

According to the regulator, the lifting the restrictions will be considered after the Lithuanian side provides materials and comments on all identified violations in full.

According to the latest RSN news, Estonian factories are to be banned to import to Russia as of 9th of June as well. The reason was the fact that competent authority of the Republic of Estonia was not capable to confirm the previously submitted guarantees regarding the safety control system for production of animal food and supplements supplied to Russia. Moreover, Estonia was not ready to organize an inspection of feed factories.

‘And we’re currently assessing Czech Republic plants, I’m almost sure they will have problems as well, – Sergey Dankvert, the Head of RSN, commented to RBC journalists.

At the moment animal food and supplement supplies from six countries has been completely closed by the Rosselkhoznadzor. Earlier due to undeclared or unregistered GMOs in the products of individual enterprises, the certification of factories in the Netherlands, the United States, Spain and Germany was suspended.

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