Russia to be integrated into veterinary info systems of 60 countries

The Rosselkhoznadzor (RSN) reports that it is switching to electronic exchange of veterinary certificates for animal origin products with more than 60 countries, including Brazil, Peru, Morocco, India, Mexico, China and others. The project is implemented due to the VetIS federal state information system developed by RSN and similar systems of other states.

The exchange of electronic veterinary certificates for animal origin products imported to Russia, is already underway with New Zealand, Chile, Australia, Belarus, Kazakhstan as well as with EU countries – Austria, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, the Netherlands.

With the European Union member states and with Australia, which are subject to special economic measures established by the Government of Russia, the electronic exchange of documents takes place only for those products that are allowed to be imported into the country.

The RSN press office comments that in order to switch to the electronic veterinary certificates exchange, the competent authorities conduct testing for a certain type of product. There are no problems occured in the integration of information systems in Russia and other countries. If there are any, they are usually technical and are being solved respectively.

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