Russian Pet Business Summit has opened today

The event is taking place in a comfortable hotel in the Moscow suburb and welcomes there 170 pet industry company leaders plus 50 online attendees from 28 cities of Russia and 6 other countries.

The topic is “Magic of a Brand. How to become special”. Over the next two days excellent speakers will talk about brand as a unique client’s experience, HR-brand, personal branding, digital transformation of a brand, analytics and much more.

In the beginning of the first day Garrett Johnston (Ireland) talked about how to improve clients’ experience in order to survive after coronacrisis times.

Irina Golovchenko, the CEO, shared her insights and experience on building her company’s Valta Pet Products HR-brand.

Initial dates of the Summit were in April, but due to corona virus the event was postponed until August. The situation, our lives and businesses have dramatically changed since then. All the speakers attuned their presentations to relevant times and issues.

The Russian Pet Business Summit 2020 is the first offline event in the Russian pet industry after the lockdown. Being the networking event, the Summit provides outstanding and valuable opportunities to connect, meet people, talk in person, exchange and share experiences. The attendees keep social distance, they use personal disinfection means provided by the Sponsor of Protection, AVZ company.

Golden sponsors of the Summit – Nestle Purina PetCare and Royal Canin, as well as the Silver Sponsor Eukanuba were not able to attend due to their corporate restrictions, but they still support the industry event and the live stream, organize activities at site and attend online. The other sponsors – Wellness Core (Silver), Fomalgaut (Bronze), Valta Pet Products Academy (Workshop sponsor) – support workshops and other activities.

The Russian Pet Business Summit is an effective event for international companies as well to meet the Russian pet industry players, to introduce themselves and their products and establish contacts. The next year event is planned for April, 9–11th, 2021, in Sochi, Russia.

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