Russian Pet Business Summit is postponed until June

Russian Pet Business Summit 2020 is one of the most anticipated meetups of the Russian pet industry leaders. It was planned to take place in Sochi from April 7-9, but has been postponed to June 24-26. The venue: Roza Khutor Radisson Hotel.

The decision to postpone the event was made due to the ongoing threat of coronavirus and the measures that are being undertaken on the national level to prevent its spread.

“Security and wellbeing of our colleagues, the participants of the Summit, are of the greatest value to us, — says the official address of the hosts. — At the moment we cannot forecast what the situation will be like in April. Therefore we made a decision to take action in advance and not to risk the health of Summit participants in such an unreasonable way. This will also allow us to avoid potential emergency measures, if the situation becomes more severe. Now the participants can freely reschedule their visit and book their flights and hotels. We tried our best to approach the situation decently. We truly hope that travel and group gatherings will be safe again by the end of June .

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the administration of Roza Khutor Radisson Hotel and to all of the speakers, who were going to present at the event, for their willingness to reschedule. We tremendously appreciate our sponsors from Mars, Nestle Purina, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, and Wellness Core who are still committed to supporting the event, even though in April they were not allowed to participate in the Summit directly. Now we believe that they will be able to participate in June alongside the foreign guests and speakers.

Dear friends, we kindly thank you for your understanding. It goes without saying that the harsh decision is for the best. We expect that the future Summit will be a place for efficient communication, inspiring insights and truly meaningful encounters. We promise that things will happen, but we just have to wait a little”.

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