Sberbank insurance and Rambler shared pet ownership data

According to a survey conducted by Sberbank’s subsidiary insurance company and Rambler portal, almost three-quarters of Russian people (73%) keep pets. They love cats the most – 46% of respondents have cats at home and only 29% of them keep dogs. 1–2% of respondents have birds, fish, pet rodents, rabbits and exotic animals. At the same time, 19% of Russian pet owners have two pets, 8% of them have three, and 12% of them keep more than three pets. 27% of respondents don’t keep any pets.

Usually people in Russia buy pets (42%) or receive them as a gift (19%). However, 32% of respondents admitted that they picked up their pets on the street, and another 7% of them adopted pets from a shelter.

41% of respondents spend up to 5.000 rubles (Euro 54) per month on food, toys, clothes and other pet products, 39% — up to 1.000 rubles (Euro 10), 12% — from 5 to 10 thousand rubles (Euro 50–110).

84% of respondents pay for the medical care of pets up to 10.000 rubles (Euro 100) per year, 10% — from 10 to 30 thousand rubles (Euro 100–320), 6% – more than that. The majority of respondents visit vet clinics once a year (36%) or once every six months (20%). Only 5% of respondents consult veterinarians once or several times a month. Almost a third of pet owners (31%) do not contact them at all.

In the research, about 4.000 of pet fanciers in Russia were interviewed.

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