Veterinary clinics lost about 30% of their clients due to the epidemic

Sergey Sereda, the president of the Russian Small Animal Veterinary Association, told Zooinform that visitors of the clinics often pass on scheduled operations and medical procedures, unless there is direct threat to the pet’s life or health condition. Moreover, on their part, the clinics cancel or limit certain procedures and provide services only to those who signed up for a visit in advance. Besides, they are trying to collect as much preliminary information as possible, including anamnesis, over the phone.

Yet, the clinics have been open and ready for all kinds of traumas, acute exacerbations of chronic diseases, or just ordinary infections, such as rabies. Anything may happen. According to Mr. Sereda pets are still up for scheduled and unscheduled vaccinations.

Inna Litvinova, chief doctor at the Center veterinary clinic in Rostov-on-Don, assistant professor at the faculty of biology and general pathology at the Don State Technical University, confirmed that veterinary clinics in her city lost about 30% of their clients. Don State Technical University is in partnership with many local clinics. The dean of its faculty of bioengineering and veterinary, Mr. Alexey Ermakov, also confirms the statistics.

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