Victor ‘the fat cat’ fits right in

The infamous ‘fat cat’ Victor flies to Moscow with S7 Airlines. Victor became famous after his ill-fated flight with another airline at the end of the last year due to overweight, as 8 kg was the maximum allowed weight of a pet onboard.

Fortunately, S7 Airlines, the second largest airline in Russia has recently introduced the new regulation for pet travel. Now it is allowed to take on board two pets up to 10kg each. Heavier pets of up to 50kg can travel as luggage or be transfered with S7 Cargo services.

Lucky for Victor, because according to his owner Mikhail Galin, he still weights 8,5kg, so he fits right in.

Victor and his parent are going to visit the Catsburg cat show, which will take place in Moscow on March 7th and 8th. The celebrated cat is nominated for the Cat of the Year award there. He will also participate in the press event dedicated to the long overdue reconsideration of travel regulations for pets.

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