AquaTerra Show & ExpoZooUa 2019 in Kiev

On April 5–7, 2019, the Expo Center of Ukraine hosted the fourth annual AquaTerra Show teamed up with ExpoZooUA 2019, the first specialized exhibition of goods and services for pets, groomers and vet services.

The organizer of the event is the Zoounion of Ukraine.

The AquaTerra Show 2019 was attended by 56 companies from Ukraine, America, Russia, Belarus and other countries. More than 70 brands were presented at an area of 1200 m2.

ExpoZooUa brought together 86 companies from Ukraine, Poland, Turkey and other countries, which represented more than 100 brands and occupied 2600 m2.

Over 700 visitors participated in workshops, presentations and seminars during the expo, not to forget photo-areas, and all kinds of lotteries and games.

Over three days, the exhibition was visited by more than 11,000 guests, including pet industry professionals, groomers, vets, breeders, and pet owners from Ukraine and other countries.

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