Zooinform estimated the pet product market in 2023 at $4.6 billion

pet product market

Experts from Zooinform assessed the pet product market in 2023 at $4.6 billion.

The market for pet food for cats and dogs, rodents, birds, fish, and reptiles reached $3.8 billion. According to Zooinform, pet diets constitute about 83% of the entire pet product market in Russia. Cat food accounts for approximately 73% ($2.8 billion) of the diet segment, while dog food represents 25% ($972 million). The cat litter market was valued by Zooinform at $410 million.

According to Rosstat, pet food production in 2023 amounted to 1.4 million tons. The import of pet diets into Russia, according to Rosselkhoznadzor, was 80 thousand tons. Products are supplied from the EU, China, Serbia, EAEU member countries, and Brazil, with 67% of pet food imports coming from “unfriendly” states.

The Ministry of Agriculture is confident that the volume of production in Russia not only meets the basic domestic needs but also allows for the export of pet food to other countries. According to SoyaNews, pet diet production increased by 0.3% over 11 months in 2023. Rosselkhoznadzor officially stated that 98% of pet food on the Russian market is domestically produced.

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