A forecast for the development of the global market for pet food testing has been published

global market for pet food testing

According to a report by Allied Market Research, which covers ready-to-eat dry and wet diets as well as treats, the global market for pet food testing generated €6.3 billion in 2022. It is expected to reach €10.4 billion by 2032, with an average annual growth rate of 5.2%.

Key growth drivers include an increase in the number of pets and global spending on animal goods and services, growing consumer awareness of pet food ingredients, and the popularity of personalized and premium offerings. However, rising operational costs, increasing market fragmentation, and intensifying competition, especially among small and medium-sized companies, will restrain the growth of this market during the forecast period.

Research and testing of pet foods and their ingredients are a crucial part of the operations of many large companies. In 2021, Hill’s ceremoniously launched its Small Paws animal nutrition innovation center in Topeka, Kansas, USA. This is the only research facility in the country that focuses on the nutrition of small and miniature dogs.

In Russia, the Mars Petcare Animal Nutrition Research Center operates in the Ulyanovsk region. About a third of all research and tests for Mars branches from other countries, including Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, were conducted there.


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