Chinese veterinary drugs in Russia: pawsitively powerful

Chinese veterinary drugs

According to the Association of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, as of September 1, approximately 100 names of foreign-made veterinary drugs have been introduced into civil circulation in Russia. Most of these are antibacterial drugs from China and Belarus.

Since 2018, eight Russian GMP inspections have been conducted in China, resulting in three refusals. Currently, four GMP EAEU compliance certificates issued to Chinese facilities are in effect. By the end of 2023, three more Russian inspections for compliance with EAEU GMP requirements are planned at the facilities of Shandong Luxi Animal Medicine Share Co., Ltd. (November), Hebei Weierli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (November), and Zhejiang Dayang Biotech Group Co., Ltd. (December).

In total, the certified facilities can supply approximately 30 names of chemical and pharmaceutical veterinary drugs to the Russian market, most of which are registered by the authorized bodies of Belarus and Kazakhstan. Among the registered Chinese drugs in the EAEU, not a single vaccine is currently listed.

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