Top 10 most popular dog breeds in Russia identified

dog breeds

Russian Kynological Federation experts analyzed data from the All-Russian Unified Pedigree Book of the RKF, which registers over 355,000 puppies annually. They found that more Russians are recently favoring small, companionable dogs. The enthusiasts number for working dog breeds is decreasing, linked to lifestyle changes, increased people busyness, and a preference for a pet to pamper rather than a guard dog.

In 2023, the most popular pets among dog lovers were German Spitzes, leading the ranking for the eighth consecutive year. Chihuahuas ranked second, followed by the royal Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Overall, the top 10 dog breeds for 2023 are as follows:

  • German Spitz;
  • Chihuahua;
  • Welsh Corgi Pembroke;
  • German Shepherd;
  • Yorkshire Terrier;
  • Labrador Retriever;
  • Poodle;
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel;
  • Jack Russell Terrier;
  • Central Asian Shepherd.

Photo: Alina Rodionova / Unsplash

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