Half of pet owners in the Russian Federation consider them family members

pet owners in Russia

The NAFI Analytical Center presented a large study on attitudes towards pets. According to the data obtained, more than half of the respondents treat dogs and cats as а family members. Interestingly, the feelings of pet owners largely depend on gender – 46% of men and 56% of women expressed this attitude. The warmth of relationships is also influenced by the age of the respondents – 50% of people aged 25–34 years consider pets to be family members, 57% of respondents aged 35–44 years, 56% of those aged 45–54 years. Among older people, 53% have similar feelings towards dogs and cats. 53% have a similar attitude towards dogs and cats. The lowest percentage of “family” violence was demonstrated by persons under 24 years of age.

13% of respondents perceive their animals as friends. However, there was a significant gender difference in this attitude – men are friendly towards pets in 18% of cases, and women – only in 9%.

Another 9% of pet owners love dogs and cats like children. 7% of men and 10% of women admitted this.

7% of survey participants treat pets simply as animals, without any special emotions. The number of such owners is slightly higher – 8% – among respondents aged 35–44 years, and the smallest—5%—among respondents over 55 years old.

The absence of a four-legged companion was reported by 18% of respondents – 19% of men and 17% of women. Most often, representatives of the older generation live without animals – in the 55+ category – 22%, and less often, slightly younger people live without dogs and cats – among 45-year-olds and 50-year-olds – 15%.

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