The pet food import from Italy and France is limited

pet food import

The Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision has restricted the pet food import from Italy and France.

Until April 1, the import of pet food produced in Italy and France will be possible only from four enterprises. The relevant directive has been published on the website of the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (RFSA). Among the factories retaining the ability to supply to Russia are:

    • SOPRAL (France);
    • Sanypet SPA, Gheda Mangimi Srl;
    • Diusapet srl (Italy).

Previously, from January 31, the agency imposed temporary restrictions on the pet food import from the Serbian enterprise Farmina Pet Foods. The basis for this decision was, according to the RFSA, the repeated detection of an unacceptable level of arsenic in the product. This raised many questions, and the agency provided answers to the most common ones. In particular, the service reported that it had conducted the necessary procedures to prevent the circulation of the batch in which the hazardous substance was detected. Using information systems, the RFSA notified all market participants involved in the sale of this product about the withdrawal of the batch from sale.

Pet foods produced before January 31 are under enhanced laboratory control, and if violations are detected, they will also not be allowed into circulation.

Ekaterina Nigova, a veterinary nutritionist at Skolkovo Vet Veterinary Hospital and Vice President of the Russian Society of Veterinary Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition VETNUTRITION, discussed the prevalence of arsenic and the maximum allowable doses of this substance in cat and dog foods.

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