Retail veterinary drugs sales increased in 2023

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According to analytics from RNC Pharma, the total volume of the retail veterinary drug market from January to November 2023 amounted to €329.6 million. Compared to the same period in 2022, the dynamics, when calculated in Russian currency, showed a 23% increase. The growth in natural quantities exceeded 11.5%. However, despite the significant increase in natural sales, the market dynamics are of an inflationary nature.

The main driver of the veterinary drug market’s development this year has been the online channel, where growth rates were observed both in monetary (2.3 times) and natural terms (2.5 times). Meanwhile, the offline channel could not boast such rates: the growth rate compared to January–November 2022 was 13.2%. Consequently, the overall share of the e-commerce channel this year increased to 16% in monetary terms (up from 8.7% last year) and 13.3% in natural quantities (previously 6%).

The assortment in digital sales is comparatively modest; as of January–November 2023, around 3526 veterinary drug names were sold, which is about half the items number in the offline channel. Over the year, the items number increased by 271. During this period, only one company, Zoetis, managed to surpass the €10 million sales mark online. Almost all of the company’s products showed significant sales dynamics, but the overall growth was mainly driven by the insectoacaricide Simparica and the anti-itch medication Apoquel. Domestic companies showed the highest growth in online sales: Agrobioprom (4.8 times increase), mainly due to the veterinary drugs Binacar and Finpraz; and Ecoprom (4 times) with the brands Inspector and RolfClub 3D.

In the offline channel, the products range offered decreased over the year: in January–November 2023, 6747 names were sold online, 11 SKUs less than the previous year. The absolute leader in terms of monetary sales dynamics was the Czech company Biocan (6.1 times increase), primarily due to Biocan and Biofel vaccination drugs. The second-highest result was achieved by the Slovenian company KRKA (+59%) with the antibacterial drug Kladox and the insectoacaricide line Finprist.

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