Rosselkhoznadzor reported on the pet foods inspection in 2023

pet foods

To ensure the Russian market is supplied with high-quality and safe pet foods, Rosselkhoznadzor continuously conducts research on products from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. In 2023, the agency inspected ready-made pet diets from more than 80 Russian and 75 foreign companies.

As a result of laboratory studies, the percentage of non-compliance found in imported pet foods was higher than in Russian ones — 4.4% versus 2.3% of the samples tested.

In domestic companies’ products, non-compliance with quality indicators was found, most often exceeding levels of nitrogen, crude protein, or crude fat. Additionally, there were cases of pet food not matching the declared composition: missing components listed on the label, toxicity, and exceeding the permissible levels of manganese, copper, and zinc.

In imported pet foods, components listed on the packaging were most often missing. Such violations accounted for more than 50% of the detected non-compliances. GMOs were also found — about 33%. Moreover, ready-made diets were found to exceed permissible levels of strontium, arsenic, as well as the presence of gluten in grain-free pet foods and toxicity.

Regarding enterprises where violations were detected, Rosselkhoznadzor takes measures, including restrictive ones, which are the same for both Russian and foreign manufacturers.

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