Pet food export from Russia exceeded $200 mln in 2021

Pet food export

According to the Federal Center for the Export of Agricultural Products of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, from January, 1 until December, 26, 2021, the pet food export from Russia to foreign markets increased by 34% compared to last year. It is estimated at the value of $201 mln. The export volume increased by 32% to 160 thousand tons.

The products produced in Russia have been exported to more than 30 countries. Belarus remains the main buyer of Russian-made pet food. In 2021, shipments to the neighboring state have increased by 23% in physical and monetary terms, to 37 thousand tons valued $61 mln.

Exports to Kazakhstan increased in value by 14% to $32 million, and by 7.9%, to 31 thousand tons in volume. Pet food export to Germany increased significantly and exceeded 20 thousand tons (+28%) valued $22 million (+25%).

Ukraine and France are also in the top 5 pet food buyers from Russia. In 2021, Ukraine received pet food valued at $21 million (+34%), export volumes to France more than doubled (increased by 2.8 times) and were estimated at $20 million.

Among the new destinations for pet food export from Russia are Spain ($522.000), Sweden ($84.000) and Finland ($59.000). Deliveries of prepared pet food to Hong Kong started in 2021, as well as the first supplies of 11 tons valued $19.000 to China.

According to ITC Trade Map, global imports of pet food exceeded $17 bln in 2020. The leading buying countries were Germany ($1.7 bln), the United States ($1.2 bln) and the United Kingdom ($1 bln). The leading pet food exporters were Germany ($2.2 bln), the USA ($1.7 bln) and France ($1.7 bln).

Russia supplies significant volumes of ready-made pet food both to the EAEU and the CIS countries as well as to non-CIS countries, the executive director of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association Fedor Borisov told Agroexport. If the existing raw material base stays at the same level, by 2025, the volume of pet food export from Russia, according to the association’s estimates, may increase by 25–30% a year. “The main export destinations are the EU countries, Norway, Turkey, the CIS countries, Ukraine, Mongolia. One of the prior destinations of pet food export from Russia is the Chinese market. The number of pet owners keeps growing which will result in pet food consumption increase,” Borisov stressed.

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