Kormotech reported 2020 results

The leading Ukrainian pet food manufacturer signed agreements with distributors in 10 new countries – Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Malta, Armenia, Bahrain, Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. Now Kormotech’s cat and dog food is exported to 37 countries around the world.

Annual exports in the company’s sales structure reached 15.4% in value, which is 2.9% more than in 2019. In 2020, the company sold 53.5 tons of cat and dog food and created 160 new jobs.

Last year Kormotech opened its own factory in Lithuania as well.

However, the company continues to invest in its production facilities in Ukraine. Last year, €6 million was invested in the factory. After the expansion planned in 2021, the capacity of Kormotech will increase by 50% up to 44 thousand tons of ready-made food for cats and dogs.

According to Rostislav Vovk, CEO of Kormotech, over the past year, the Ukrainian pet food market grew by 18.2% in value and by 28.2% in volume.

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