SARSTEDT plant opened in Russia

The German company Sarstedt AG & CO. KG, one of the world’s leading suppliers of laboratory and medical equipment, has built and launched its own production in St. Petersburg, in the Marino industrial park.

The project is the result of joint activities of St. Petersburg, VTB Bank and Sarstedt LLC, Russia. In June 2021, Sarstedt launched the first line of Microvette ® capillary blood collection systems production. Later this year it is planned to install equipment of the second automatic line for the production of S-Monovette ® venous blood collection systems.

The total production area with an administrative and business center and a warehouse is about 9.5 thousand sq. m. Sarstedt LLC invested about 2 bln rubles (€22 mln) in the new plant launch. Nearly 20 jobs have already been created at the plant.

Sarstedt products are used both in humane and in veterinary medicines. According to the manufacturer, closed aspiration-vacuum system for taking venous blood S-Monovette® suits well for large dogs, and S-Monovette ® and S-Monovette ® PBM are used for medium and small animals. For clinics working with small mammals, birds and reptiles, the company produces suitable systems as well.

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