Supplies to Russian pet food market from the Netherlands suspended by Rosselkhoznadzor

Russia pet food market

The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor, RSN) continues to inspect European factories for compliance with safety and feed quality requirements.

Earlier this year, the RSN identified that in some pet food supplied from Europe to the Russian pet food market actual compositions of products did not match the raw material composition indicated on the packaging. In this regard, the Russian regulator has approached the responsible authorities of France (Nestle Purina PetCare France SAS, United Petfood France-Upf, LA Normandise), Italy (Monge & C. S.p.A, Nestlè Italiana SPA, Mister Pet s.p.a, Befood srl, Sanypet SPA s.p.a), and the Netherlands (Hill’s Pet Nutrition Manufacturing B.V., Jonker Petfood B.V.) and requested information confirming their control and verification of the quality of those food rations and their conformity to the recipe. The regulator also sought information on tests performed to verify the declared component composition of products.

Departments from Italy and France provided the required information within the specified timeframe. However, the lab tests for component conformity were not conducted for each component. The information on conformity was not supported by study protocols for plant and animal components. Data on control studies conducted by veterinary authorities were not provided. The RSN required the competent departments of Italy and France to perform studies on each component and provide the results. The absence of this information could serve as a basis for imposing restrictions.

In fact, supplies from the above mentioned manufacturers to the Russian pet food market have been restrained by RSN since February, 2023.

The responsible authority of the Netherlands provided the RSN with materials concerning Jonker Petfood B.V. and Hill’s Pet Nutrition Manufacturing B.V. after the specified deadline. Moreover, the documents lacked information on the laboratory confirmation of the declared composition, including from the veterinary authority.

Consequently, the Rosselkhoznadzor asked the competent authority of the Netherlands to suspend the certification of pet food produced by these companies and eventually their supplies to the Russian pet food market. This may be resumed once comprehensive materials are provided, and negotiations are held to confirm guarantees.

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