Cat toys are boosting in Vladivostok

According to the Zoomonitor, the number of internet requests for cat toys increased significantly (by 54%) in Vladivostok in June.

– Indeed, pet owners were buying them more often last month. The most interest was for interactive things – mice, birds with motion and sound sensors – those toys with which pets can play themselves, without the owner to be involved, – a shop assistant of ‘Cats and Mice’ store commented. – The increase in demand for cat toys, in general, is not typical for June. Usually they are things to buy in autumn and winter, when it’s cold outside, it gets dark early, and people spend more time at home with their pets.

According to key account representatives, high demand for cat toys is driven by growing of COVID-19 infection rate and new restrictions introduced in the region. Since June 18, all mass events have been canceled in Vladivostok, restrictions on visiting cultural and public institutions and restaurants have been introduced in Primorye region, employees transferred to remote work.

– The infection rates go up, more people die because of covid, – Alexandra, a shop-assistant of one of White Rabbit retail chain stores, shared her opinion. – In such a situation, people try to stay home more, where they have a closer contact with their pets. Cat toys help them to have more fun. But there is no significant sales increase of them in our particular store. Most likely, people select and order these products online.

According to PrimaMedia, more than 48,000 people have fallen ill with COVID-19 in Primorye region (the Far East).

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