Zooinform launches the Pet Market Monitor

Zoomonitor is a new monitoring system for internet inquiries in regards to pet food and supplies. It gathers and analyses data for over 300 most popular requests for cat and dog products in 80 cities of Russia. Collected every day the data are grouped into 30 main categories and are presented in charts and diagrams with analysis over the past 25 months. Currently Zoomonitor is available in Russian language only.

We believe in this service to help significantly develop the Russian pet market, – Yulia Dolzhenkova, the COO of Zooinform comments. – The availability of accurate market data will support Russian manufacturers, retailers, distributors, e-com players to understand the demand in the total market and each particular region more accurately. The key players will be able to adjust their assortment and marketing according to factual market needs.

The other good news is that Zoomonitor service is free – Zooinform wants the pet market data to be transparent and available to all players. It is part of our strategy to help the market develop in order to make pets’ and their owners lives better.

We are proud of having started this project, which is extremely important for the entire industry. And already this early we have a very positive feedback from the market’.

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