METRO Russia Expands eCommerce Presence with Launch on OZON Marketplace

METRO Russia and OZON Marketplace

METRO, the renowned retail chain, embarks on a strategic eCommerce move, launching its products on OZON marketplace platform. The retail giant’s own branded products will make their debut on OZON with an initial product catalog of over 250 items. Following a ‘shop-in-shop’ format, the offering spans across ‘Food’ and ‘Household Items’ categories.

On a later stage METRO Russia will introduce on OZON pet products, including dog and cat food, cat litter, and pet care items, in addition to home and garden products. By the end of 2023, the retailer anticipates a six-fold expansion of its assortment, reaching 1,500 product names.

Denis Marfutin, eCommerce Director at METRO Russia, highlights the significance of online sales for the hypermarket chain, noting it as a critical business component. As a top three operator in the e-grocery market (according to InfoLine), METRO’s delivery accounts for over 30% of its business.

The venture into marketplace sales represents a key move for METRO, expanding its reach across Russia. OZON’s pick-up points and delivery service cover more than 50% of the country’s population, providing METRO with an opportunity to capitalize on the wider geographic footprint. This integration of physical and digital retail is poised to create an enhanced shopping experience, benefiting both METRO and its customers.

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